Ichinose Tokiya of STARISH

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Happy 30th birthday to Miyano Mamoru. I have been following Mamo since 2006 and I wouldn’t trade my moments of fangirlism for anything. I’m a very lucky girl as my husband took me to Japan to propose to me in February and seeing Mamo’s BEGINNING concert was part of the package. I did a review of the concert on my blog, but I still feel my words were inadequate of how it really felt being there and feeding off his energy and laughing along with him when I speak very little Japanese.

Thank you, Mamo. Thank you being you. Your laugh could bring world peace and your smile warms many hearts.

(scans from Shaina, chikka sukkie, kaizoku-sora, probably? )

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FREE! Main characters | PV

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The ingredients to a perfect historical musical presented by the boys of Uta no Prince-sama.


Seiyuu Appreciation: Miyano Mamoru